Our Story – Indermica

Our Story

We are an innovative skin care company that creates comprehensive skin restoration systems. We believe that our combination of natural ingredients blended with cutting-edge compounds can bridge the gap between science and nature. We are committed to creating systems that gently return the skin to a young, healthy glow. How are we different? We use a comprehensive and scientific process of layering molecules to prepare, correct, and protect damaged and aging skin.

At Indermica, we match beauty to chemistry, creating a unique spa experience in both the doctor’s office and at home. Our trained aestheticians customize products for your skin care needs; we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-most philosophy. We use European massage techniques to specifically deliver our systems to your skin, an approach that jump starts the cell revitalization process.

Master chemist Jennifer Ellis heads our chemistry team. Jennifer has more than 17 years of experience in formulating specialty skin care and cosmetic products; she is also the guiding force behind the advanced layering technology incorporated into Indermica products and systems.

Indermica is chemical-free, patent protected, and contains our exclusive complex of “HydroAloeComplex5,” which is a potent anti-aging combination of alkaline, pH balanced, authentic, and hydroponically grown Aloe Vera with Fruit Stem Cells and peptides. 

This fusion of world-class technique and scientific scholarship is how Indermica was born. We invite you to learn more about our products and systems by contacting us.