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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us: Reviews from Doctors, Dermatologists, Aestheticians and Other Customers

“The Indermica line works faster than many to improve skin texture and tightness. Best of all, it’s well tolerated by every skin type.” –Michelle Pelle, MD

“What’s so incredible about the Indermica Pro Facial in office treatment, is how gentle yet extremely effective it is. ” –Lisa, Aesthetician, 48

“My clients love the Indermica facial! They leave here with a radiant glow that lasts for days! Indermica is such a great skin care line that is all natural and paraben free…getting you and your complexion as close to nature as possible.” –Denise, Aesthetician, 44

“I still enjoy very much the Indermica products, there are good products, my skin loves them! Thank you again for this.” -Yazemeenah

“I let my mom try your Indermica Eye Duo to see if it gave her any results and she has absolutely loved it! She keeps bugging me to get her some more! So cool to see that your products are high quality and natural!” – Randy

“My skin has a certain glow and feels calm, not irritated.” –Audra, 35

“Wow, what a difference. The Indermica Pro Facial really stimulates the muscles, and leaves you feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world.” –Jennifer, 44

“I signed up for a 6 week Pro Facial Series, and purchased the Indermica Brightening Take-Home System, which I have been carefully using for a week now. I have seen a definite improvement in my skin and a noticeable reduction in the dark spots on my face. Looking forward to my next treatment.” –Patty, 65

“Since starting the Indermica Pro Facial Series and utilizing the Indermica Take-Home System, my skin looks radiant and feels soft to the touch.” –Abbey, 48

“My skin is feeling smoother and tighter since I started receiving the Indermica Derma Correct Pro Facial treatments and using the Take-Home System products.” –Skylar, 50

“I have tried many non-invasive procedures in my doctor’s office. However, nothing beats the Indermica Pro Facial Treatment Series. It has helped smooth my wrinkles–especially around my mouth, cheeks and crows feet area as well as rejuvenate my complexion. I love it!” –Elvie, 51

“The secret weapon in my anti-aging arsenal starts with managing my wrinkles with fillers, then correcting the tone and texture of my entire face with high performance ingredients from Indermica.” –Eve, 49

“I absolutely love the INDERMICA Take-Home System. It was easy to use and my skin looked brighter and refreshed even after one week.” –Anne